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TRIO Bulb - Lighting Facts

TRIO LED Bulb -  Warm, Soft White and Daylight White; 3 Lighting Appearances in One Light Bulb

10W E26/27, (60W Equivalent) with 220° Beam Angle, (500-850-550) Lumens, (Cozy Warm, Perfect Soft-Energising White) that fits existing switches and medium screw base sockets directly.

PRACTICAL, USEFUL AND ATTRACTIVE MOOD LIGHTING SOLUTION FOR YOUR HOME – change your room ambience with the flip of a switch. 3 most popular color temperatures (warm, soft white and energizing white) available in one bulb to enable you to transform your room to suit your needs as you change activities within your living space

EASY TO USE – this A19 E26/E27 LED bulb fits existing medium screw base fixtures directly. Works on multi-socket switch and all LED bulbs stay perfectly in sync. Not applicable on dimmers. Hassle-free - No Apps, No Installation required.

ENERGY-SAVING & EFFICIENT – 10W LED bulb (60W equivalent) 850 Lumens with life rating of 40,000 hours and an estimated annual energy cost of $1.31 (based on 3 hours usage/day).

INSTANT ON AND SAFE – Light-weight, no glass pieces, mercury and lead free. no harmful UV or infrared radiation and reduces heat in the room.

VERSATILE, VAST APPLCATIONS – Ideal for use on ceiling fixtures, pendant fixtures, table or floor lamps in living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, home office space.

TRIO Bulb Lighting Facts